My name is Natali.  

I am amigurumi artist based in Perth WA .

I create different cuties using yarn, hook and my imagination.

         When you have just a yarn ball in the beginning and something nearly alive in the end it is a miracle. And I am happy that I can share this miracle with you.

       I believe that every toy has its own character and a soul. I just help them to be born. Usually a toy chooses itself a new home to live in and a person with whom it will be friends. You may not believe me now, but you will understand when you meet your toy! So check the list of available toys, maybe your special crocheted friend is already waiting for you. Didn't find, but you definitely know what you would like? Just contact me and I would love to make something special for you. And remember: there are no age restrictions for playing with toys ;)

        "What is a recipe of your magic?" you may ask me. The recipe is very simple: lots of love, a little bit of patience, a drop of creativity and only quality materials. I use natural (cotton, wool, mohair) or special baby yarn, non-allergenic polyester fiberfill and high quality accessories .

        My toys are always very soft and pleasant to touch.
        Also I make crocheted jewellery to order. They can become an original addition to your daily image or be a highlight of an evening dress. Cotton necklaces are light and soft. And you can be sure that you buy a unique item: all jewellery is one-off and will never be repeated.

        Feel free to order something special for you today!
        To learn more about my art, toys' life and current projects visit my blog.


Ooak Art Toy

Dragon Drazorra


Ooak Art Toy



Ooak Art Toy


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