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My Patterns

  If you're on this page, chances are you've seen one of my creatures online and want a pattern to recreate it.

  The truth is, you might not find the exact patterns you're looking for here. I'll admit, I don't create patterns for all my creatures. Actually, I don't make patterns for most of my works... sorry... Before you think I'm being greedy or lazy, let me explain. Crafting patterns is no walk in the park. It's like solving a tricky puzzle that demands a lot of effort and energy. For a long time, my focus was on creating one-of-a-kind creatures, not patterns.

  But wait, don't give up just yet! Recently, I decided to start creating more patterns, so you'll hopefully see more of them here in the near future. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter to not miss a new pattern.

  I've also made a few patterns in the past. You can find a collection of free patterns on my blog, and for the rest, they're right here

Crochet Patterns

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