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Collectible works

  I love creating, and I'm pretty good at it. I enjoy taking on challenging projects, turning strings into cool things. I pay a lot of attention to the little details, which makes my creations stand out and that's what my collectors like.

  Even though making unique art toys doesn't bring in as much money, it's still the part of my crochet journey I love the most.

If you're here to adopt one of my creatures, there are a few ways to make it happen:

1. Visit my shop

  Need something quickly? Check out the Art Toy category in my shop—you might find something you like there. I regularly update the shop.

  You're also welcome to browse my Etsy shop as an alternative.


Message me

2. Order

  If you know what you want, I'm here to make it happen. Just message me, and let's bring your dream creature to life.

  It might take some time, and it won't be super cheap, but I promise the end result will amaze you!

3. Follow and wait

  If you like my style and don't mind waiting for a creature that's truly 'yours,' just follow me on social media. Turn on post notifications and share your reactions.

  I regularly create new pieces that are usually up for sale.

Subscribing to my newsletter is also a good idea.

  Good luck in your hunt!

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