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Free Pattern Mini Cabbage

Updated: 1 day ago

Today, let's create a mini cabbage. You can add it to your doll garden, gift it to your favorite plush bunny, turn it into a brooch, or simply enjoy it :)

Please remember: this pattern is for personal use only.

I made my cabbage with 2ply crochet cotton and 0.75mm Clover hook, and it's approximately 3cm in diameter.

Ready to begin?


  • some white cotton yarn

  • some green cotton yarn

  • some light green sewing thread (optional)

  • hook

  • scissors

  • needle

  • some fiberfill

  • an hour of free time


AR – amigurumi ring 

SC – single crochet 

INC – increase (2 single crochet in one loop) 

DEC – decrease (1 single crochet in 2 loops)

CH - chain


(white cotton + light green sewing thread (optional)

1 row: 6SC in AR (6)

2 row: 6INC (12)

3 row: (1INC; 1SC) X 6 (18)

4-7 rows: 18SC (18)

8 row: (1DEC; 1SC) X 6 (12)

Fill the detail with fiberfill.

9 row: 6DEC (6)

Cut the yarn. Close the hole using a yarn tail and hide it.


(green cotton, 3 details)

1 row: 5SC in AR, 1CN, turn (5)

2 row: 5INC, 1CN, turn (10)

3-6 rows: 10SC, 1CN, turn (10)

Cut the yarn. Leave a long tail to sew leaves together.


(green cotton, 3 or 4 details)

1 row: 6SC in AR, 1CN, turn (6)

2 row: 6INC, 1CN, turn (12)

3-5 rows: 12SC, 1CN, turn (12)

6 row: (1INC; 1SC) X 6, 1CN, turn (18)

7-9 rows: 18SC, 1CN, turn (18)

10 row: (3CN, 1SC) X 18 

Cut the yarn. Leave a long tail to sew leaves together.

Sew 3 inner leaves to the cabbage head and add big leaves on top. 

Enjoy it!

Feel free to tag me if you share your cabbages on social media, or you're welcome to send me a photo. I'd love seeing your creations!

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