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Easter Basket Free Crochet Pattern

Updated: Mar 1

Basket is an essential item in a crocheter's arsenal. It serves a myriad of purposes, from holding flowers and yarn to storing chocolates. A crocheted mini basket can complement any toy or doll as an accessory or serve as an independent decoration for doll rooms or shelves in your home. It's also a handy photo prop and an essential addition to your Easter decor!

So, join me today in crocheting a mini basket.


  • some 8ply yarn (I used a beige Moda Vera Beetle)

  • hook 1,75mm (my one is Clover)

  • scissors


  • synthetic brush

  • dry pastel

  • 12-15cm of soft copper wire

  • plyers

  • textile tape

  • yarn needle


  • AR – amigurumi ring

  • SC – single crochet

  • INC – increase (2 single crochet in one loop)

  • DEC – decrease (1 single crochet in 2 loops)

  • CH - chain

  • SL ST - slip stitch

  • DC - double crochet

  • FPdc - front post double crochet

  • BPdc - back post double crochet


(1 detail)

1 row: 6SC in AR (6)

2 row: 6INC (12)

3 row: (1INC, 1SC) x 6 (18)

4 row: 1SC, (1INC, 2SC) x 5, 1INC, 1SC, SL ST (24)

Cut the yarn.


Our basket will have a double bottom so we need to crochet the same base detail again but without slip stitch and cutting yarn at the end.

1 row: 6SC in AR (6)

2 row: 6INC (12)

3 row: (1INC, 1SC) x 6 (18)

4 row: 1SC, (1INC, 2SC) x 5, 1INC, 1SC (24)

Now, place two details together with their back sides facing each other as on picture below. The base detail with the yarn still attached should be in front of you. Hide the yarn tail from the back base detail inside the "sandwich".

5 row: 24SC, SL ST (24)

To crochet the 5th row, insert your hook into the back loop of each stitch of the front detail and both loops of the back detail.

6 row: 3CN, 23DC, SL ST (24)

7 row: 3CN, (1FPdc, 1BPdc) x 12, SL ST (24)

To make a front post stitch, you’ll insert your hook from the front to back and work around the post of the stitch. Complete the double crochet stitch as normal.

To make a back post stitch, you’ll insert your hook from the back to front and work around the post of the stitch. Complete the double crochet stitch as normal.

That what you should have after 7th row:

8 row: (1DEC, 2SC) x 6, SL ST (18)

Here we finish our basket, and now we only need to add a handle. The handle can be done in two different ways.

HANDLE (1st variant)

If you don't enjoy using needles, sewing details, or working with wire, this option is for you.

Crochet a 20CN into a chain and attach it into the 10th stitch of the previous row with a slip stitch. Turn your crocheting and crochet 24-26 single crochets around the chain. The more stitches you make around the handle, the sturdier it will be. Finish your crocheting with a slip stitch, cut the yarn, and hide the end. Your basket is complete!

HANDLE (2nd variant)

My favorite option because I don't mind sewing something in :)

You will need a 12-15cm of soft copper wire. Fold each end to the middle to create a loop for sewing as shown in the photo below. Fix the ends with textile tape. The tape will also prevent the yarn from slipping off the wire. Tightly wrap the wire with yarn, or alternatively, crochet single crochets along the wire to make a handle. Cut the yarn, leaving a long tail for sewing. For wrapped handle use a drop of textile glue to fix the thread at the end. Bend the wire into a handle shape and sew it onto the basket using the yarn tail.

On the left photo, you can see a basket with a wrapped handle, and on the right photo, with a crocheted handle. Just choose whichever you prefer.


Tinting is an optional step, but if you want to add some shades and relief to your basket take a small synthetic brush, some soft dark brown dry pastel and tint every back post double crochet stitch around the basket and the base.

And now the basket is complete. Well done! Great job!

Enjoy it!

Feel free to tag me if you share your baskets on social media, or you're welcome to send me a photo. I'd love seeing your creations!

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